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Right now I am sitting at the kitchen table of my in-laws house in Illinois. Today would have been the day I would have taken off from Oskaloosa for my second destination of

Day 4

Day 4

Have you ever drafted a tractor down a gravel road on your bicycle and smelled the spray from a crop duster that had just swooped down past you a minute before? I have.

Day 3

For all intents and purposes, day 3 should have been a wonderful day. The forecast called for sunny skies. Most of my riding would be on the famed Raccoon River trail. The goal

Day 2

Day 2

Have you ever wondered if you could hoist your 25 lb bike with the same weight in gear over the coupler of two train cars? I have.The day started out alright. Michelle

And we're back.

Sorry for the interruption. Always make a backup before you change anything major......just a reminder.

Day 1

Day 1 is in the books. I made it to Storm Lake. It was a beautiful day. The riding was good. There was a breeze from the South in the morning that picked